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Friday, March 30, 2012

T.G.I.F. and a rest day!

Hey Friends! 
Thank god its Friday and a rest day for me! I went to bed pretty exhausted last night but since I had a scheduled rest day for today it was a perfect reason to turn off the alarm clock and let my body wake me up naturally for once! 6:14 am was when it decided I had enough sleep! Either that or my stomach was telling me it was time to eat! It was nice to eat my first meal of the day at the table with Adam and Olivia instead of in the car heading to the gym at 5 am. I made myself an egg white and veggie wrap using those Food For Life Wraps  that I've recently become obsessed with! Breakfast heaven! 
Tomorrow is a big day! It's my baby girls Birthday Party! This year we kept things very small and are taking her to The Chocolate Bar in Boston. We kept the guest list for this to just the immediate family, but are also having a small party and cake at the house on Monday night which is her actual birthday and everyone is invited to that! I am so excited for her special day tomorrow! She is a chocolaholic just like her Mommy and I know she is going to love this place! 
We are 4 weeks out from the competition...I will have progress pictures up tomorrow and a whole post on how I'm feeling at this point in the journey! I have to keep this post short, but not without telling you my thoughts on The Hunger Games. I absolutely loved it and have already started reading Catching Fire! The story line kept me intrigued with that would happen next! Adams reading it now and hopefully we can sneak out to see the movie on Sunday! So excited for that!! 
Enjoy your Friday, I know I will! It's Birthday hat, balloons, presents, outfits shopping time! 

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