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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Listening to your body

There are days that I'm just not feeling it. The gym, eating healthy, just being motivated in general. Yesterday was one of those days. We had a family emergency the day before so I was lacking a bit on the sleep department. I got up at 4:30 am, ate a small breakfast, took an early trip to Starbucks for coffee, logged into Pinterest on my phone and tried to get some inspiration from the fitness boards. This works for me most the time!
Then I headed to the gym. The whole time trying to convince myself I would get a good workout in once I got there. I was about 2 minutes away from the gym when I decided to drive home. Who was I kidding? There was no way my mind or body was willing to put in the tough workout I needed it to do on the few hours of sleep I was running off of. I felt guilty, anxious, and really down on myself at first. Then I laid on the couch, put the TV on and slept for another two hours before my little Olivia woke up. I told myself if I could find a sitter for Olivia tonight, I would get to the gym, if not I'd have to use today as my rest day instead of my normal Saturday rest day. No biggie! My sister was able to watch Olivia for me and I graciously headed to the gym. I had an amazing workout and felt so strong! I am normally a morning gym person who is usually in bed by 8 o'clock, so I was nervous as to how I would do getting to the gym at 8. Ah, everything works out, I got my workout done and it was way better than it ever would have been if I had tried to get it out of me that morning! So the point is, listen to your body! If it needs rest, give it rest! 
My show is 43 days away! I can not believe how quickly the weeks are going by now! The month of March seems to be on fast forward! My diet has changed just a little bit this past week, one less fruit. I haven't been too bothered by this change. I am still anxious about my posing and stage presence and just booked a private posing session with my coach, Jules. She is amazing and I know I will get a lot out of a private session! 
It's already Thursday and I'll be posting another progress picture in a couple days! I get excited to see the changes that occur each week. I started this journey to look good. It turns out I am changing myself both physically and mentally. I am overcoming obstacles, and proving to myself that I can set a goal and reach it! 

The biggest most important choice was deciding to start! 

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