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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Shake Station!

I'm pretty sure I found my new favorite place to visit in Newburyport! The Shake Station! These shakes were seriously delicious and so healthy and nutritious! Adam and I stopped in today around lunchtime after an appointment we had in the area. We've walked by a million times before,but we were both feeling hungry today so stopped in to check it out. I loved everything about it! For seven dollars each we were first served a shot of Aloe Vera which helps soothe your digestive system, then you pick from the over 30 flavors for your shake! Each shake contains 24 grams of protein, around 200 calories, full of fiber and essential nutrients to give you energy and keep you full all day! For my flavor I chose the Samoa cookie shake. Holy yum! Adam had the Chocolate Carmel Cheesecake which I stole a sip of, his was just as delicious! It was seriously better than ice cream. Along with the smoothie you are served an herbal green tea that actually burns about 80 calories just drinking it! The smoothies can be customized with extra protein and extra fruit. I was so impressed with the shop and my shake I am already looking forward to our next visit! If this was closer to me I could see this being my daily breakfast. It claims to also give you more energy and I must say I skipped my normal afternoon coffee today and still was feeling great! 
Today we had beautiful weather so we were able to eat dinner outside on the porch! I love that its only March and we are wearing shorts, flip flops, and grilling! Its supposed to be 82 degrees tomorrow so I am taking the kiddies to the beach! it will be my first trip there alone with two kids but I think we will have a blast! I'm off to bed so I can keep up with the two of them...yes it's not even 8:00! 
Goodnight friends! 

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