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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow day means an empty gym!

When school gets cancelled because of the snow you can almost guarantee to have the gym to yourself as long as you get there early. The roads we mostly just wet so I headed out for my normal 5am gym time. 3 people were at the gym the first hour I was there! It was fantastic. No waiting for any machines, no getting out of anybody's way and I was in and out within 90 minutes. 
Today I had back, shoulders, and a 30 minute HIIT workout! I used Coach Steph's Sprint Workout. Wow, it kicked my booty!! If you are looking to really sweat this is a perfect workout for you. HIIT stands for High intensity interval training. It is the quickest way to burn fat and gain muscle. I found this great article that explains HIIT better than I could! It states how "HIIT optimizes your workout time by utilizing a series of short, high-intensity intervals, followed up by longer, low-intensity intervals. The reason HIIT is so successful is that HIIT’s repeated intervals constantly keeps your body. Your body is never given a chance to “plateau” or get used to one setting, something that is common with other forms of cardio. Due to the nature of HIIT, it is typical to have workouts that are only 20 minutes or less and still burn the same amount of calories as an hour of regular exercising. The best part of HIIT is that it boosts your metabolism and will continue to burn hundreds of calories hours after you are done exercising!"

Today's eats have been pretty boring. Some turkey meatballs and turkey burgers since I bought a huge amount of lean ground turkey that I needed to use up! They came out a little dry but it was a nice change from chicken! 

The snow is really coming down now so I'm about to bundle up and take my little love out for some much needed playtime. She is so excited for the snowfall and since the weather is calling for 50 degrees on Saturday it wont last long. I am certainly not complaining about the snow quickly leaving but in the eyes of a 2 year old this is some very exciting playtime! :)

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