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Sunday, February 17, 2013

What do you do on a snowed in Sunday in February?

You online shop for spring inspired motivation of course!! Bright colored sneakers, a Michael Kors spring purse,  bright, fun, playful bikinis, and new workout tanks, oh my! I am in shopping heaven over here! It may be cold, windy and snowy outside, but in my house we are thinking Spring! Honestly, its the only way to get me through the New England winters! 

Some of my favorites right now....This gorgeous Michael Kors! 
Bright, fun, new sneakers by Asics!

This stunning new bikini in Coral from Victorias Secret!


and how flippin cute is this tank top from an etsy shop Ruffles with love??  

I don't know about you guys but new workout gear motivates me more than anything else. I may be a little crazy but when I get a new pair of shoes or a new gym outfit, I can not wait to get to the gym and rock it! 

Lets not forget about the spring selection of clothing for the kids right now! Um, has anyone seen the new gymboree spring lines? I want  need it all! I always have to head on over to the Gap, and honestly, toddler colorpop denim.... need I say more? I am dying from the cuteness! Evn though we have quite some time before we'll be hitting the beach, I'm pretty sure this beauty needs to be ordered and stored away for a vacation or sunny day! 

Other than hours of unnecessary online shopping I plan to do a bit of food prepping, including trying out a new spaghetti squash recipe I found! If it turns out good, I will share it with you all! My house smells of garlic and mustard. It must be getting closer to showtime! 9 weeks out, and things are getting strict. I have noticed a change in my physique by looking back on some check in pictures. It gets really tough to see changes when you don't notice the number on the scale going down, which is why progress pictures are so important. Small efforts every single day will bring you huge long term results! 
Thanks again for following along on my journey to The Fitness Universe Stage in April! It means the world to me! 
Stay healthy and fabulous! Enjoy your Sunday!