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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting back into blogging!

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo but am really hoping to have found it again! I would love to document this amazing journey I am on and have something to look back at! So lets see, competition prep is going wonderfully! I'm feeling strong, satisfied, and still continuing to lose weight! My coach Jules said everything is working like a well oiled machine at this point and she hasn't needed to make any changes to the diet yet including my very generous TWO cheat meals! I know I am still a ways out from my show...(april) but so far things are going smooth! When I started with CSF I weighed 158 pounds which was pretty good for me! Today when I stepped on the scale I was 142.2. I can't remember a time in my life I have been this low and can't believe I could possibly be in the 130's within a couple of weeks. However, one of Cathy's biggest pet peeve is the scale, so I am trying by best to only weigh in once a week at most! My shoulders and back are starting to really develop, my legs have been a bit harder for me to see changes in so we have added an extra leg day into my workouts. My biggest motivation is people at my gym have started to ask me if I was training for a competition. Just knowing that they could see the changes in my body was very encouraging. It's nice to see those same familiar faces at 5am everyday and know that you have become a regular part of the morning gym crowd since they recognize me now! 
Thanksgiving this year started early...6:30 am with the Feaster Five. A 5k and 5 mile race in Andover Massachusetts. I chose to run the 5 miles race with my sister and a couple of her friends! This was there first 5 mile race and they did amazing! This race was such a fun way to start Thanksgiving and so family orientated. Every runner.....all 10,000 plus...received an apple pie for finishing! They also had tons of water, fruit, and carby snack at the finish! It was a great race.Heres a video at the start line! After the run I rushed home...after sitting in traffic for over an hour to get out of the parking lot. Then we headed over to my grandfathers for meal #1. Olivia had so much fun playing with her second cousins, and getting a hayride behind Grandpas four wheeler. After dessert we headed over for Thanksgiving number two with Adams side of the family. Just as delicious the second time around! I made sure to load up my plate with turkey and tons of veggies. Just a taste of stuffing and mashed potatoes and one dessert at each location! It was perfect. For the first time ever I left feeling satisfied and not sick. 
I am so incredibly grateful for my beautiful daughter who shows me how to look at this world in a whole new way, my amazing husband who shares in my goals, dreams, and outlook on life. I would be lost without his guidance and support. My parents who taught me what family is all about and my sister who is more like a best friend. I am also grateful for each and everyone of my friends, near and far, who I know will support me through anything. Feeling very blessed and thankful this year during the holidays!