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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games, Track Sprints, and Burgers!

OK, I know I'm really late with jumping on this bandwagon but I purchased The Hunger Games last night and I can't put it down!! With the movie being released, I had to see what all this hype is about. The book is captivating and I actually can't wait to put Olivia to bed so I can get back to reading some more! As soon as I finish, Adams going to read it, then we will go see the movie! I wanted to be sure to read the book first since it never seems that the movies capture the story quite like the books do! 
This morning I headed to the gym for 7 am (That's the time they open on Saturdays)  and ended up arriving about 20 minutes early. I sat in the parking lot catching up on emails and facebook. As soon as they opened up the doors I got inside and was able to complete my workout in 40 minutes. Cardio was being saved for the local high school track.....Sprints with Adam. He knows how to workout, and he know how to workout hard. He is actually one of my biggest motivators and supporters in this journey. When I asked him to put something together for 30 minutes of HIIT he delivered! We did 30 minutes of sprints around the track, changing up the distances and using our walks back as a recovery. Since Adam was running with me and literally smoked me...it helped me run a little bit faster to try to keep up with him. We brought Olivia to the track thinking she would use the time to play and get some fresh air, unfortunately she wasn't too thrilled about being there, Ah well next time we know better! We were able to successfully complete the full 30 minutes so I was psyched! It was a million times better than being in the gym. I'm really looking forward to the spring and bringing all my cardio workouts outside! 
Tomorrow is Sunday session! My favorite workout of the week. An hour long intense functional workout followed by an hour of posing with other Savage Girls! Its the perfect way to start a Sunday. After Sunday Session its reward meal time! Let me tell you...I am so excited for tomorrows meal! A 90% lean ground sirloin hamburger on a whole wheat bun with ketchup mustard and lettuce, grilled asparagus on the side.....mmmmm can we say yummy! Its exactly what my body is craving this week! 
I'm off to read some more of the Hunger Games and wait for Adam to get home! We rented Courageous to watch tonight...I heard really good things about it! 
p.s. I didn't forget about this weeks progress pictures...they will be up tomorrow! 

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