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Saturday, March 10, 2012

6 weeks out from show!

Here I am, 6 weeks out from my show. I would be lying if I said I am feeling ready, confidant, and prepared for this! That being said I still have 6 weeks and I know a lot of progress can be made in that amount of time! I know I need to trust the process and trust my coach Jules and Cathy! Here's this weeks progress picture... 

Each week I feel myself feeling a little more confident in my own skin so that is definitely a good thing for me, especially since it is one of my biggest hurdles! Last week at Sunday Session was the first time I actually bared my stomach in posing! 

So along with waiting for suits to be ready, I also need to take care of jewelry! Last night I went to a Suddenly Sparkle party and found this amazing piece that will actually go really well with all three of my outfits for the competition. Figure suit, Bikini, and theme wear! 
Speaking of theme wear I have decided to go with the Marine Corps Dress Blues Uniform! Leigha Marie,  a fellow savage girl and an amazing competitor is designing my theme wear.  I am so so excited to see how it turns out, and since the Marines are very dear and near to my heart this costume means a lot to me. My husband, father in law, and two of my brother in laws are Marines. Along with some really special friends we have made through Adams time in the Marine Corp. I am so proud to be able to tribute our countries finest! I could go on for days about proud I am of our men and woman in uniform, but I think it deserves a post of its own!
On the agenda tonight is Girls Night! Hanging with some of best girl friends to unwind, laugh, and catchup is always an amazing time! We are starting off with dinner at The Grill Next Door followed by a comedy show at China Blossom. The show starts at 9:30 and since my normal bedtime is about 8, it's going to be a late night for me! haha Party animal over here I know I know! 
Hope everyone has an amazing Saturday! We had some early snow here this morning but the sun in shining now! 

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