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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dear Lululemon,
Why can I not step into your store without buying a brand new outfit??
A lulu addict

I must admit, the first time I walked into Lululemon I laughed at the insane prices for workout pants. Seriously who can spend that kind of money on workout clothes??? I thought that right up until I finally bought my first pair of "miracle" pants. Seriously, they are like a miracle bra for your butt. I've yet to buy anything from there that I haven't absolutely loved. I feel more confident and workout harder while wearing my lulu clothes! Ahhh yes, I will convince myself that it is ok to spend that kind of money on their fabulous clothes! My lulu collection is slowly expanding and I'm in love! It's pretty much the only thing I am wearing to workout in these days! Next up on my list f must haves is a new gym bag from them. 
After my little lulu splurge I decided I needed to go to Bikram Yoga to put my new outfit to use! I was so excited to find out the Bikram Salisbury Studio offers free babysitting at 9:30am everyday! Some amazing me time and Olivia gets to make some new friends! Perfect situation! Bikram yoga is the workout I kind of hate during, but feel absolutely amazing afterwards! It's totally worth the sweaty mess I am during class since I feel the benefits of it instantly! This type of Yoga actually gives your body more energy than when you started! The benefits of it are pretty amazing. I forgot my phone in the car to get an after shot of myself....but trust me, it wasn't pretty! It's probably better off I forgot it since any post Bikram pictures may have scared some new readers away from my blog! 
Olivia and I have a very special date to see a movie today...So I am off to the theatre to see The Lorax with my little love! 

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