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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yoga makes me happy!

Today was a yoga morning, one of my favorite days of the weeks! 6:30 am vinyasa yoga at the Yoga Tree in Haverhill. Amazing as usual and I had already accomplished so much by 8 am! On my way home from yoga I made a quick stop to Dunkin Donuts and got my Small Coconut coffee with skim milk and truvia. When I got home I was really hungry so I made a quick bowl of Kashi Cocoa Beach cereal with almond milk. Later on in the morning I had a fruit cup made of fresh grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon. We have finally been having some nice warmer weather so my body craves those fresh fruits! For lunch I loaded my plate up with some baby spinach, a small handful of almonds, and lite balsamic dressing. I also sprinkled a little bit of fat free cheddar on my salad. Since it was such a nice day I had the hubby fire up the grill for some grilled chicken and a sweet potato! Doesn't get much better than that for lunch! One of my all time favorites and so quick and easy! Mid afternoon I was itching for something crunchy and salty so I poured a small bowl of veggie chips and shared them with my two year old.
Sitting here writing this I just got back from a 3.5 mile run, I have an orange in hand, my baby girl is sound asleep and I have an organic spinach and feta pizza cooking in the oven. Life is good. The sun is still out and my friend Bridget will be coming over to do the 30 day shred with me!
Tomorrow Nana will be watching Olivia for a couple of hours in the morning so my hubby and I can have a "morning date" which consists of some serious workout time at a local park followed by a visit to a new vegan cafe for a smoothie! http://www.revitalivecafe.com/ ( I will review my smoothie in tomorrows post!) Dates are scarce these days as I am a stay at home mom which in turn leads to a lot of overtime for my poor husband. We both are really happy with the setup though and really couldn't ask for anything more!

Day 3.

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