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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get Outside today!!

I woke up this morning to sun shining through my bedroom window! I immediately decided I must get myself and my little active two year outside today! I watch my adorable nephew Jacob at 9:00 so I figured Olivia and I could have some Mommy and daughter time at he park while Daddy slept in. We got to the park bright and early, I sat down on the park bench with my Dunkin Donuts Coconut coffee with skim milk in hand while Olivia ran around for a bit. It was a lot colder than it looked and we were the only ones there but it was well worth it!
When we got home I had some Kashi Cocoa Beach cereal with Almond soy milk. Its a little piece of heaven and I felt like I was eating a dessert! Mid morning snack was a slice of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread with a little almond butter. Lunch was leftovers from last nights dinner, grilled chicken asparagus, and wheat pilaf. A few hours later I was feeling hungry and grabbed a handful of almonds. Before dinner I took Olivia on a 3.5 mile run. It was tough pushing the stroller and forgetting my ipod but the black clouds overhead kept me motivated to keep on running. Since Liv fell asleep on our jog and is napping now I decided to whip up a peanut butter banana smoothie for tonight's dinner. Its become a favorite of mine, super filling, and oh so tasty!
Tonight after Liv goes to bed I am planning on walking the mall for some quality sister time and hopefully getting the 30 day shred in! Tomorrow is a Yoga morning and after a stressful couple of days it makes me so happy!

Day 2.

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