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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Funday!

Today was out of the ordinary....I spent alone time with my husband!! Amazing, just the two of us, adult talk, killer workout, alone time! (lets just say this rarely happens so please ignore my over the top excitement!) We had a couple hours today before he had to go to work that my mother in law "nana" was able to watch Olivia so we could go to the local park and get a great workout in! I had an whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter before we left the house. We started with a half mile warmup lap. Then my husband had quite the workout in store for me. We started with 8 sets of 10 pushups and a sprint up a steep hill. After that we did crunches, leg lifts, lunges, squats, pushups, more pushups and more pushups! He is a Marine Veteran and he knows how to work hard. After the workout I had a coconut dipped in chocolate luna bar. Delish! I cant believe I had never discovered these bars before. I enjoyed that on the car ride to Newburyport where I finally got to try Revitalive Cafe in Newburyport. I got the berry bliss smoothie with almond milk and hemp protein. It was amazing!! Not sure if its something I would get all the time at 10.50 each! When we got home I was still feeling a little hungry so I made a fruit bowl and grabbed a handful of almonds.
This afternoon Olivia and I went shopping while Daddy was at work. My nephew jacobs baptism in on Sunday so I needed something to wear. I can joyfully say that most the dresses in my closet are too big now! I found the perfect dress at Kohls size.....6! I couldn't believe it when that zipper slid right up! What an amazing feeling! I don't remember ever being a 6 in my entire life. The last dress I tried on and bought was a 10 and that was on the smaller side for me!
By the time we got home Olivia and I were both more than ready for dinner. I was feeling lazy and it was late so I popped an organic Margherita pizza in the oven, made a spinach salad with fat free cheddar and another handful of almonds. I felt completely satisfied and now Im laying in bed with a glass of green tea waiting for my sheets to come out of the dryer so I can hit the sack. I don't know why I always think its a great idea to start cleaning at 10pm.
Tomorrow is a Yoga day! I love yoga mornings. 730 am is the perfect time to start with yoga. Not to early but done early enough to get going with your day.

Day 4.

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