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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rainy days

Today was cold dreary and rainy. We hung in for most of the day but my evening was highly productive!!
I started my morning off with some Kashi Cocoa Beach cereal and light Vanilla Silk milk. Of course I had my coffee...mocha ice with skim and splenda! mmmm that can brighten any rainy day! Lunch was spinach and feta pizza with a spinach and feta salad with light balsamic. It was delicious, really satisfying. I had a luna bar for an afternoon snack before heading over to my parents for dinner.
Diner tonight was fabulous! Mom made salmon, zucchini, and kale, with some rice. It was so delicious. After dinner Mom and Dad watched Olivia for me so I could go get a pedicure!! I needed it so much and it was so relaxing. I stopped and got myself a coffee on the way. While I was there I decided why not have my eyebrows waxed too! On the way back I stopped and went tanning then headed home to pick up my Livvie girl! She was ready for bed so we headed home and she fell asleep in the 10 minute car ride home.
After I cleaned up I decided I should finish the night off right by Shredding. So I did, then showered and got myself ready for 6:30am yoga tomorrow! My favorite way to start the day! I made myself a fruit bowl to have before bed just to take off the edge of my hunger.
Now I am off to bed since I have an early wake up!
Goodnight bloggers :)

Day 9.

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