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Monday, May 2, 2011

TRX Bootcamp!

It started today! My 8 week bootcamp at Yoga Satki in Salem, Massachusetts. Marjan is the trainer and she is great! We meet two times a week at 5:45 am. She has created a diet plan that is leaving me surprisingly satisfied, a workout that is leaving me incredibly sore. Its a win win and I'm thinking in these 8 weeks I may make my goal!
so I weighed in at 158.2 lbs, which means I have a BMI of 26 which is slightly overweight.......but Marjan said she believes I will be at about 22-24 by the end of bootcamp. My percentage of body fat was 25 which is an acceptable number. They didn't give me my measurements but I am sure at the end of bootcamp they will!
So today I was up at 4:30, made a quick protein drink with half a scoop of protein mixed with water for the drive to Salem. I stopped at Starbucks after my workout for an iced coffee with so milk then I came home and had 2 hard boiled eggs, a slice of Eziekel Bread and half an apple. Oh, and of course a full glass of water!
Around 10 am I was hungry again, which was perfect since it was about time to eat anyways. I had a 100 calorie pack of almonds and string cheese.
For lunch today I made Salmon, sweet potato fries, and a spinach salad. It as delicious, I never realized how much I like salmon!
I was feeling really tired today and actually got to lay down on the couch for about an hour while my 2 year old jumped on my back. The mixture of waking up early and these killer allergies is really catching up to me. Around 3pm I had a greek yogurt to hold me over for my asparagus wrapped with Deli Chicken breast and hummus with cucumbers.
Dinner tong ht was a deer roast I made in the crockpot. It was the first time I had ever had Deer and I was really impressed especially since it is so lean! That with some peppers and cucumbers seasoned and baked together.
I can hardly keep my eyes open and since I was so tired today i didn't even take any pictures of my meals. Bad blogger!! I promise today if anything looks exciting I will take pictures! However no blog entry is fun without a picture so here's a picture of my little love ready for swim lessons since we will be going there again tomorrow.
Goodnight all!

Day 28.

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