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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Self Awakening Yoga Studio

It had been 2 weeks since I had last been to Yoga since my groupon ended at The Yoga Tree. I had gotten another groupon for a place in Salem NH, Self Awakening Yoga Studio. I made it to the 6 am class today and was impressed!! It was not quite as good as the Yoga tree but it was still great! I guess the 2 minute drive to Yoga Tree compared to 15 to the one in Salem was one reason I didn't like it as much! Also the 15 minute time difference really made a huge difference. It felt really short today, and of course my favorite instructor Caroline was not at Self Awakening. Other than that though it was a great class and I certainly got my sweat on! Once this groupon is up I will probably purchase a package from The Yoga Tree. I got home to Daddy ready to go to the gym...and Olivia, well being Olivia. The picture above pretty much sums up their relationship!
As far as my diet is going with the new revised plan minus my lunch carbs I am doing pretty good! I got some sugar free dessert gum to help me get through the day when I am really having a craving. So far so good!
Since tomorrow I don't have any classes scheduled I am planning on getting up around 5 to go to the gym for a strength training workout and maybe ending with a short run on the treadmill.
I've been to scared to step on the scale because I don't want to know if its still not budging with this strict diet. I plan to weigh in tomorrow morning though and will have an update then!
In other news, Olivia peed on the potty two times today!! I was so excited and most likely scared her from my yelling, jumping, and cheering! Looks like we may have a visit to the ice cream stand tonight if Mommy can resist the temptation! haha. Happy Tuesday!

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