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Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Harvest Bread Co. Nashua NH

When I found out we would be getting a Great Harvest Bread Company locally (or somewhat locally, a 45 min drive is as local as they get I suppose) I was so thrilled! My sister first introduced me to their bread when the closest one was in Beverly, MA. Unfortunately that store closed..I'm not exactly sure why as it was always busy whenever I stopped in! Great Harvest Bread Company handcrafts their breads daily using only pure simple ingredients, they never use chemicals or additives, simply ingredients from nature. It is honestly the best bread I have ever tasted and if the store was closer i would most likely be there on a daily basis. It's probably best it is a little drive. The wheat loaf is always a classic staple in my house, but last time I was in I also tried the red pepper Swiss. My husband and I were both crazy about that one! I made a sandwich on it the next morning and was drooling over the fresh flavorful taste of it. My husband made a turkey sandwich on it for a week everyday for lunch......he must not have liked it as much :) We also tried the English muffin loaf, it was so different, so delicious and of course so fresh! My 2 year old daughter who eats nothing absolutely loved it! Spread some peanut butter, Nutella, or Almond butter on top and you have a perfect breakfast! Next time I'm in the store I will be picking up one of the Great Harvest spreads. I also grabbed the Cinnamon raisin oatmeal to try. That didn't let me down either! I am all out of the bread and can't wait to get back there to restock! The staff there is so friendly and welcoming and will offer you a taste of any of the samples! I have heard from many people that the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and Cinnamon rolls are a must have! My first visit there I brought home a sandwich for my husband to try that he raved about for days. Now if you have seen the sandwiches he normally makes you would know he is not easy to please with his sandwiches!
Nashua Great Harvest Bread Co. I wish you much success, we really need a great local place like you around!

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