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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

please please stop raining!! The Hoppin Mad Mud Run is quickly approaching.....THIS SUNDAY! AHHHH yes freak out mode now! Its a 10k race with 15 military obstacles thrown in, oh yeah and lots and lots of mud. I'm so happy my bff Desiree and Clyde are running it with Adam and I. I know the girls will probably stick together while the boys (veterans of the Marine Corps) will probably fly through it. It doesn't help that we are on day number 4 of straight rain. I haven't ran since Sunday (which was a run in the rain) I was really hoping to get a long run in today to help prepare for the 10k but right now its pouring and I'm in no mood to be cold and wet on a long run. I guess now I can only hope for dry weather on Sunday.....yeah according to the weatherman that's not looking good.
ok, anyways enough of me complaining, that's what a few days cooped up in the house with a toddler and newborn will do to you! Onto some good news, I stepped on the scaled this morning and I was down to 152.2. I can't be happier! My goal was to be in the 140's by June 11th (a wedding we are going to for one of Adams best friends from the Marine Corps) So the 140's are looking to be quite possible! I honestly can't remember a time in my life I was within that range. TRX bootcamp, running, yoga, and clean eating seem to be working! SO with that number in mind I am just 4 pounds away from a Lululemon outfit! Talk about motivation!! I also picked up a new book, two kisses for Maddy. Its about a Dad raising his daughter on his own after his wife died just 27 hours after she gave birth. I'm hoping during naptime I can do some reading and starbucks drinking!
More on that wedding we are going to in June! Its in Maryland and its two of the sweetest people I know! Dave is one of Adams best friends and roommate when he was in the Marine Corps. I got to know him right before the boys left for Iraq. Adam and I were newlyweds and Dave helped us out with so much paperwork that Adam just didn't have a clue about! When I was pregnant Dave and Katie came to Massachusetts for the Baby Shower! It was such a special surprise and I loved getting to know Katie better. We had met at Jason and Felecia Parks wedding. I knew I loved her then! She's adorable, has lost some major weight for her wedding, and is totally kicking ass in living a healthy life. Maybe I can get her to guest blog sometime soon! I'm sure she is overwhelmed and busy with her wedding only weeks away!! Adam is a groomsman in the wedding and Olivia is the flower girl!!! I am so excited, its going to be an amazing trip. Jason and Felecia will be there and we haven't seen them in way too long since they live in Tennessee. Felecia and I spent a lot of time together when the boys got home from Iraq. We spent almost a month in North Carolina going to the beach nearly everyday! She is such a sweetheart and her husband Jason (also one of Adams best friends from the Marine Corps) is just as awesome! I'm thrilled they will be at the wedding and we will be able to spend some quality time with some very important people in our lives!
Now I'm off to entertain the little ones! Wish me luck....its not easy in this weather.

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