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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hoppin Mad Mud Run!

Today was the Hoppin Mad Mud Run in Amesbury MA. A 10k with about 15 military obstacles thrown in the course. It was the most fun I've had in awhile! I ran with my husband Adam, my bff Des and her husband Clyde. It was cold and dreary but it didn't stop us from having an amazing time!
I was really nervous last night and didn't sleep well at all. We finally got up out of bed around 7:30 for some oats and eggs. Then I went to Starbucks for my coffee with soy milk. We headed to Amesbury for 10 to get ready for the 11:00 start time.
The run was fairly hilly but not too much to handle. There was one hill that almost took everything out of me but ended with a downhill water slide so all was good. I was so excited to see my friend Brooke at the end. She was hardcore like Adam and dove right into the mud! I on the other hand decided crawling with my head out of the mud was best!
After the mud run we had Des and Clyde over for some turkey burgers, Sweet potato fries, mixed veggies, and Tinas Peanut Butterry Bars http://carrotsncake.com/2009/06/peanut-buttery-bars.html
Later on I was still a little hungry so I had a cheese stick and 100 cal pack of almonds.
Dinner tonight was a leftover turkey burger minus the bun over a spinach salad. I was way to exhausted to cook again!
I can cross a 10k race off my bucket list. My next goal is a half marathon and I plan on signing up for on after this summer! A September or October race.
I have TRX in the morning so I am off to bed. its really going to kick my butt getting up at 4:30 tomorrow but I plan on a very lazy day after that!
Goodnight! xox

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