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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6.1 Miles...

Who ran 6.1 miles in the rain this morning?? This girl!! It was one of my first "longer" runs and I did it in 59 minutes. I was one proud gal! There's something about running in the rain. It is so motivating, I guess seeing all the other people run to their cars to hide from the rain and here I am enjoying every drop that hit my skin and cooled me off. I naturally have had a runners high all day and am so glad I decided to get out of bed and go!
Tonight I am having a girls night! My friends and I are going to StyleFix http://www.stylefixx.com/cities/boston/ in Boston and my sister is going to watch Olivia since Adam is at work. If you know me well Adam and I rarely go out so this is kind of a big deal! haha. I am so excited to get dressed up in my boots with an actual heel, jeans, and a cute top! Its not often these days I'm not wearing sweats....... :/
We paid $30 which includes entry, a goodie bag, drinks, and apps. I am really going to have to fight the temptation of all the yummy drinks and apps, but it wont be the end of the world if I have a treat! I did run 6 miles this morning and have eaten good all day. It could always be my cheat meal for the week! My meals have been so boring lately, not even picture worthy. My favorite thing I've been eating is asparagus wrapped in deli sliced chicken breast. So yummy and low in fat and calories!
Hope everyone is having an amazing hump day!

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