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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smuttynose Rockfest 1/2 Marathon

October 2, 2011 I am signed up to run my very first half marathon! http://www.runningintheusa.com/race/View.aspx?RaceID=21915
I am really excited to train and complete this race. I ran 7 miles Sunday morning, and will hopefully get one more long run in before we leave for our trip to maryland on Thursday night! We are so excited for the Wedding Extravaganza weekend for Katie and Dave!
This morning I woke up at 4:30, went to TRX and stopped for some Starbucks on the way home! I'm watching my nephew today, tomorrow and Wednesday this week so my nights will be taken up packing! I swear I am leaving for 3 weeks when really its about 4 days! haha. Olivia literally has 12 outfits, 8 pairs of pajamas, 6 pairs of shoes, 2 purses, 3 bathing suits, and an assortment of bows and hats for our short trip! Daddy is going to go crazy when he sees all our loot.
So I weighed in this morning at 149.8. My goal was to be under 150 before we left for Maryland and I've done it! Lets hope I can keep my act together and don't ruin it with a few days off my routine! ah I think its time to take some progress pictures like I promised I would when I started this blog..... I will take them tonight and post them later! :)
Lets see what else....We spent most of this weekend cleaning up the yard trying to get it ready for Miss Olivia and Jacobs swing set to be put up! Its a lot of work. I even did a little lawn mowing! It was the first time I've ever done it and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit to be honest! I'm off to meet my friend Brooke in Newburyport for a walk and coffee!

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