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Monday, June 20, 2011

TRX Double time

Before-(April 4, 2011)
Current (June 20, 2011)
Sunday morning was Fathers Day so I got up early to hit up a TRX class so that the rest of the day would be free to spend with my husband and Dad! I convinced a few of my friends to give it a try as well. I got a couple death stares throughout the class but overall I think they all really enjoyed the pain the next day! Poor Adam had to work so Olivia and I gave him our cards nice and early and he went for a long run at Winnikinni to start his day off right. Then he came home, we made him a brown bag lunch and the poor guy headed off to work for some double time.

Then Liv and I went to the park for some time on the swings. We have a swing set sitting in the garage that  we just haven't found the time to put up with everyone crazy work schedule! It was Olivia's birthday present from Grammy and Grandpa...it will go up before this summer is over! After that we headed back to my parents house for a bbq with Mom, Dad, Jenn, Derek, Jake, and Great Grandpa! We had a great time and it was nice having everyone together...minus one very important person--Adam. We were sure to give him a special meal with Kruegers pizza when he got home from work!! After that we put Liv to bed and watched Hall pass which was great. We both enjoyed the time together since it rarely happens these days, We were up late though and I had to be up at 4:30 am for TRX today and really paid for it! 4 hours of sleep just isn't enough for a hard workout like that, The time with Adam was well worth it though, I skipped my evening run tonight in an attempt to give my sore legs and body a rest. Two days of TRX in a row just isn't the brightest of ideas! Yoga and running tomorrow to stretch out these sore muscles! I promised I would put up a progress photo so here is is! I've lost about 8-10 pounds since I started this blog! My weight keeps bouncing around 149-152. My "happy weight" I am trying to obtain is 135 but I am trying to accept that its not just about the number on the scale! Goodnight all!

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