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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Running without headphones!

Remember how I said my parents and sister were taking Olivia to the Swan Boats in Boston yesterday so I would have a ton of time to get stuff done? Well, they took her at 9am and got back around 4pm so I got soooo much done!! It was a huge stress reliever. I was able to accomplish pretty much everything I needed to get done! Thanks again Mom, Dad, Jenn and Derek! 
As soon as my sister took Olivia I was off to Kohl's in search of gold hoop earrings to wear with my theme wear, a pink robe to wear backstage, and sheets for our hotel room bed. I heard one of the girls laid in the bed with the tanner on and turned the sheets bright orange and was charged an astronomical amount for it! I think I'm paying enough for the hotel room at Foxwoods to begin with, so I don't need any extra charges! After Kohl's I headed home for some fuel, then went over to the mall. Loose sweatpants, skin cleanser and moisturizer, makeup, and some new exfoliating body wash was on the list! Thanks to Victoria's Secrets, Origins, MAC, and The Body Shop I was done, done, done, and done! After all that it was time to head home and meet back up with Miss Olivia! I had one last errand to run for the day, which was to Target for small things like toothpaste, deodorant, dishwasher detergent (to scrub the tanner off), new shampoo and conditioner, and a new water bottle! Whew, way too much money was spent in one day....BUT nearly everything was crossed off the to do list! 
I can't believe "week of show" diets are going out! This is an insanely exciting and nerve rattling time. All this hard work, dedication, and time is about to all come together! I am so excited to experience my first show with all my Savage Sisters, my family and friends who have supported me so much throughout the past few months.I am most excited to enjoy a Starbucks iced coffee with soy milk and be a pleasant person again! :)
Today I had completed my workout early in the morning but had to save the cardio for tonight. I was feeling really unmotivated, tired, and hungry but I knew it had to get done. 45 minutes of steady cardio, a jog, was in my future. So I laced up my sneakers which is really the hardest part and started out on my run. I forgot headphones and was feeling like this was going to be my worst run ever, when I decided it would be if I thought like that. Instead I decided to use the quiet time to listen to the sounds around me and reflect on how far I've come, all the friends I have met, all the friends I am going to meet, and the amazing support system I have. It ended up being a strong run and even though my legs were screaming at me, the 45 minutes flew by! 
I came home and made some grilled chicken on romaine lettuce, put Olivia to bed, and now its time to turn on Pandora, stone this suit and hopefully get a lot of it done before getting to bed by 9! 

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