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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Compete against yourself"

Today I picked up my figure suit from the amazingly talented Maggie Keaveny. My suit was sparkly, beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. I got home, tried it on, and cried. "Is it supposed to look this tight and small?" I tearfully asked my husband. "This is the most unflattering thing I've ever worn." I was an emotional mess. He wrapped me in a giant hug and told me how beautiful I looked, but of course I didn't believe him. He has to say nice things to an emotional, hungry, stressed wife. I quickly emailed my Coach, who emailed me back telling me to send her pictures of myself in the suit. I hesitantly did, I say hesitantly because I really didn't want to put it back on. Adam encouraged me that the suit looked like it should, and if it didn't my coach, Jules would tell me. I also sent my friend Brooke a text saying "I feel like my suit looks horrible on me!" She quickly wrote back explaining it was probably all in my head and that she could come by over the weekend to help make sure it was on correctly. Thanks Brooke! You always know how to help ease my mind. After I put on my heels with the suit, Adam took the pictures of me to email to Jules. After seeing the pictures I decided it didn't look as bad as I had originally thought and I know with 17 days left my body is still going to have some major changes before the show.  Later in the day Jules emailed me back saying the suit looked great, which really put me at ease. I am so thankful for the support I have leading up to this competition. 
Adam is such an incredible support system for me. He practically eats what I am eating, works out as hard if not harder than I do, and finds the right encouraging words to say to me when I need to hear them the most. 
My family has been amazing! Always there for me if I need a babysitter for Olivia so I can finish up a workout I didn't have time to do in the morning, always proud of me, and trying to always make sure there is food I can eat at family gatherings. 
My friends, who probably think I am crazy for wanting to do this have only given me encouragement. It may not be something they want to do themselves, but they support me in my goals. 
Of course Coach Jules, and Cathy Savage Fitness who I would be lost without. I am never bothering Jules with my emails and questions, and my Sundays will never be the same thanks to Sunday Savage Sessions! The support and sisterhood is so important for my success in landing on stage April 28th! This competition is physically and mentally draining, and I know I could not do it if I didn't have the support. There's so much more to it then looking good on stage, its really all about the journey leading up to that rewarding day. 
I was reading a blog that I love, Jill Fit, when I came across an entry about "Competition Expectations". It was a really great read about not competing against anyone but yourself on stage. There will be first time competitors along with seasoned veterans on the same stage. You can't compare yourself to other woman who have been naturally building muscle for years, when you have just started building muscle for less than a year. Compare yourself to your previous self, the changes you have made in your body, and just how far you have personally come. You may have a long way to go, but this is where you are at the present moment, and you need to embrace and appreciate all the hard work you have put in. Of course Cathy Savage has told all of her competitors why you don't go to stage looking to win a trophy. Your expectations of a show should be so much bigger than that. There are so many factors that go into who wins a competition, some of which are completely out of the competitors control. Cathy explained, in order to have a positive experience you don't go into a competition looking for a placing, you go in there with your own personal reason for standing on that stage. For me, its all about proving to myself that I have the confidence and pride to do this. To set a big goal, believe in myself, and follow through with it to the end. Show my daughter she can do anything she sets her mind to!
Here's a sneak peak at my gorgeous suit! Thanks Maggie! xoxo

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