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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feeding a 3 year is frustrating!

Seriously, I never thought the most tiring part of my day would be getting my daughter to eat something....anything really. Every meal we spend over an hour at the table trying to get her to eat just a couple of bites at dinner. She finds a million and one reasons why she can't try it....She's full, has to go potty, just doesn't like that, it smells stinky. She always has an excuse and most of the time her meals end up in the trash. It's frustrating, but I continuously try to offer her new things, or bring back things she refused in the past. 
With such a picky little eater on my hands I've done my share of researching ways to sneak in some healthier alternatives for a girl who thinks she can live off chocolate, fruit snacks and popcorn. 
One of my favorites is smoothies! Since Adam and I drink protein shakes she's always asking to have some of "Daddy's chocolate milk." She loves to help me put together her own milk shake. We throw things like milk, yogurt, fruit, peanut butter, and spinach into the blender and she helps me push the button and watch it all blend together. It's probably the most nutritious meal I get into her body. 
Another meal I plan on trying is whole wheat pita pizzas. I'll use mini pitas and let her build her own pizza. She can spread the sauce and choose her own toppings. Sandwiches....fun to put together. We use whole wheat bread and I make a spread with topping choices, meat choices, cheese, and vegetables. I think any meals she can help me make she is more likely to eat! 
There are lots of cookbooks out there that get really creative! Meal Makeover Moms is a great website with tons of ideas! The Sneaky Chef is amazing!!! So many great recipe ideas and hidden vegetables in all her meals! I mean really, speedy chicken parm pops....made with sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash, Brownies made with blueberries, spinach, oat bran, and wheat germ and Mac n Cheese made with cauliflower, zucchini, sweet potato's and carrots! Be sure to check out her website and book, they are incredible! 
This morning I started my day off bright and early with 1/4 cup of oats and 1/4 cup of blueberries with Cinnamon sprinkled on top! A 4:45am gym date with shoulders, core, the stair climber, and the second book of The Hunger GamesCatching Fire. I'm obsessed and can't put this book down so I love reading it during my stair climbing sessions. Added bonus, it keeps my hands from holding onto the rails! I was out of the gym by 6:15...which is the best feeling ever! Grabbed my normal Venti Iced Coffee with a splash of soy from Starbucks and headed home for my vegetable egg white omelet! This breakfast never gets old to me! So delicious! All this was done before my nephew arrived at 7:30! Success! 
I can not believe it's already almost Friday...which means another week has passed! The weeks are dwindling down quickly before I hit the stage. I am feeling nervous, excited, overwhelmed, not exactly sure what to expect! One thing I know for certain, I have worked my butt off over the last few months and there's no giving up now. Just full throttle ahead during these last few weeks! 
I can't thank everyone enough for the support! It means more to me than you will all ever know! 

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