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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Barre Class

Today I woke up at 5 am and headed to my favorite place in the world...Newburyport, Massachusetts, for a Barre Class at Rasamaya Studio. I had never been to a class like this before and I fell in love with everything about it! According to the website a barre class is: 
RASAMAYA® BARRE is an athletic workout specifically designed to strengthen and lengthen your body. Classes are fueled by upbeat music and efficiently flow through all muscle groups. Create endurance and stamina through isometric strength training and increase your flexibility through focused stretching. The barre method is influenced by classical ballet barre technique, Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic exercises.  Barre is one of the fastest and safest ways to create results in your body by targeting those difficult to tone areas. The class is taught in a group setting, but offers personalized attention through verbal and hands-on corrections. As Rasamaya believes strongly in education all classes offer an anatomical theme.

I can't compare this particular studio and barre class to any others since it was my first one, but I loved everything about it! The studio was beautiful, welcoming, and clean! I loved the ceiling with strung lights, the big windows overlooking Newburyport, and the general calm and relaxing feel of it. The instructor was energetic, friendly, and did an amazing job explaining the poses, and welcoming newcomers into the class! The barre class itself worked all new muscles that I don't think I have ever used. I'm pretty sure I wont be able to walk tomorrow since I am already feeling the effects in my legs from the poses. I left with shaky tired muscles and knowing I had a great all over workout. The studio offers a 10 day pass for $10, so I will definitely be getting my use out of that and possibly buying a class package! The schedule is great and offers lots of class times and days, and for all you Mama's out there they even have a babysitting service! 
After my workout a took a quick jog over to my favorite coffee shop, Plum Island Coffee Roasters. I got a Sugar Free Vanilla Iced coffee with soy and walked the boardwalk back to my car. 
When I got home I swooped up my nephew Jake so my sister could head to work, made myself an egg white omelet, and am now enjoying some relaxing time hanging with Adam, Olivia, and Jake. 
The sun is shining and it is already warm outside so some playground time is definitely planned for today! I'm also hoping to get in a long run this evening when it cools off a bit!


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