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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's next?

The competition came, it went, now what? I feel like I spent forever training and dieting for this big event and now that it's over it feels weird to not have a goal. I thought I was going to love not having such a strict diet and workout routine but I am quickly realizing my mind and body needs that structure! I'm having a hard time getting back on track with the diet, but am having a lot of fun working out with energy and mixing up my routine a bit. Running, TRX, and lots of yoga were desperately missed as the competition grew closer and I could only fit so much into one day. So, I've concentrated on getting in some really nice long runs to burn off the extra calories I've been eating, and giving 100% to my much missed TRX classes with the best instructor Marjan! I have plans for some Bikram and Vinyasa yoga this week as well.

So, what's next? Well I jumped right into a road race on Saturday..The Boston Marine Corps Honor Run. I forgot how much fun it is to run with a group of running enthusiast and for such a great cause! I was honored to participate in this run and had so much fun with my friend Shawna. She even tried her very first iced coffee ever and fell in love with it! Granted it was from Mary Lous....and really what's not to love about the peanut butter wonderful from there?!  I ended up running around an 8 minute mile and was happy with my time and placement since I had done very little running leading up to the event! Every time I run in a race it always gets me motivated to want to sign up for all different ones in the area! Running is fun, finishing races is exciting, and breaking personal records and getting better over time makes me feel accomplished! The longest race I have ran was a half marathon last October and I honestly have a strong itch to run a full marathon. That being said, figure competitions and running do NOT go hand in hand, its a one or the other type of deal.
I'm 99% sure that on September 29th I will be competing in my next competition!! The show is right here in Boston and it is a beginner show, so it will be much smaller! I have a couple runs I signed up to do over the summer, but they are short distances that don't require too much training to do. It wasn't an easy decision since running will always be a passion of mine, but I would like to give another competition a chance, where I will know what to expect and can be a little less nervous. I can work on my body, and my stage presence more to bring the total package to the competition! I decided after this competition I will decide to either do another one or to start training for the full marathon!
There it is folks! My future goals. I hope you will continue following along on this journey I am training for called life....(Thank you Pinterest for that quote!)

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