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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunshine makes me happy!!

Its so true about the weather affecting your mood! Its a gorgeous day out, its a Friday, and I have a great weekend lined up! My Friday started off pretty normal with an early morning gym session, Starbucks, an egg white veggie omelet with a piece of ezekiel bread and coconut oil spread on top, sprinkled with cinnamon! Perfection!! My workout was shoulders and chest and I could feel the burn today! When I stopped at Starbucks on my way home, they made my coffee as a grande instead of a venti....after a mini heart attack   I politely told the barista that it should be a venti, he poured it into it a larger cup, added more coffee, and gave me my coffee for free! Thank you Starbucks!! Every now and then I feel really guilty about the amount of money I spend on coffee, then I get real with myself. I don't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, buy lunches, and I normally go out to dinner just once a week. I think my Starbucks coffee is ok, everyone has their thing and coffee is mine! 
When Olivia woke up she asked for pancakes, so pancakes it was!! We had a stonewall kitchen mix in the cabinet that my parents had given us for Christmas that I have been dying to try. We whipped up the batch of pancakes which smelled amazing, then I had a taste of one, and they were amazing! Thanks Mom and Dad! Olivia and my nephew Jacob enjoyed some buttermilk pancakes, turkey sausage, and strawberries for breakfast! They seemed pretty pleased with it!

After breakfast we headed outside for some sunshine. I was able to lounge and get in some vitamin D while the kids played on the play set. We were all pretty happy about this!
Jacob is napping now, while Olivia watches an episode of Mickey! I have the munchies today so I am already cooking up lunch! Today's lunch is chicken sausage, quinna, celery, peppers, onions, and spinach stir fry! I also had some blueberries while cutting up my veggies!
This weekend is going to be fantastic!! Tonight I have dinner plans with some of the girls at my absolute favorite pizza place Kruegers! One of the lovely ladies, my friend Sam, is 39 weeks pregnant and I'm secretly hoping she goes into labor at dinner! I am seriously itching to meet her baby boy! Sorry Sam, I know it wouldn't really be an ideal situation to go into labor at dinner. Anyway, if you are ever in the area you must try this pizza! Tomorrow morning my best friend Des and I are going to Plum Island Coffee Roasters for coffees, girl talk and a walk! We don't get to see each other as often as we used to, but I'll take every chance I can get to see this girl! She is pregnant with her first baby and just found out its a BOY!!! I am so happy and excited for her and her husband Clyde! They will be incredible parents and I know they'll make a darn cute kid!! Congrats guys! Love you both so much! Sunday I am doing the Hoppin Mad Mud Run with my husband. We did this run last year and had a blast! It's a 10k with obstacles and a huge mud pit at the end. Last year it was cold and rainy and we rushed home to shower and get warm afterwards, this year they are predicting sunshine and 80 degree weather so I'm really excited! Sunday night we are possibly going to sneak in a date night. I really, really want to see the new movie What to Expect While Your Expecting! 
Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Friday!! xox

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