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Monday, June 4, 2012

There's something about running in the rain...

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I started mine with my cousin Samantha's High School Graduation! I can actually remember when she was born, so watching her graduate from High School really made me feel old! I was so proud of her and the intelligent, beautiful woman I have gotten to watch her grow into! She will be going off to school at The University of Massachusetts, and I know she will continue to do amazing things with her life! 
Saturday morning I headed to Newburyport for the 45 minute express Barre Class at Rasamaya Movement and Wellness. I seriously love that place, the class, and the instructors have all been awesome! The class started at 7am and it was pouring out when I got there. I was warmly welcomed by my friend Tara, the instructor, and windows open so we could hear the rain. I was surprised how crowded the class was for a rainy Saturday morning class! The windows open made it extra relaxing listening to the rain fall outside! After class I had planned on going for a run around my favorite city. I played back in fourth in my head whether I should just go home, or suck it up and run in the rain. Well, luckily the run won. It was one of those runs where once I got started I felt as if I could have run forever. I did about 3 miles, circling into Plum Island and back into Newburyport. Of course I made a pit stop at my favorite coffee shop for an Iced Coffee with soy! After my coffee I headed back to the car and the rain really started to come down! Perfect timing! 
Adam and I had an exciting night planned. We were going into Boston to watch my TRX instructor and friend Marjan, compete in the WBFF Eastern World Championships! I was so excited to attend a competition! Adam got in a workout, me and Liv relaxed and hung out with Grammy, Grandpa, and my nephew Jacob before heading into Boston! We stopped at Fat Cactus on the way down for dinner. I got the steak tacos which were pretty good, and Adam had a burrito that I stole a couple bites of which was really good! I probably wouldn't rush back to eat there, since Agave is my favorite Mexican returant and a lot closer! Oh, and Churros, they didn't have churros for dessert at Fat Catus...so yeah Agave it is! 
The WBFF show was a lot of fun to watch and Marjan was incredible! I was so inspired by her and all the other competitors. I was even lucky enough to see some of my fellow Savage Sisters rock it on stage! I was eager for Sunday morning so I could get started on my workouts for the week! We got home around midnight because we got realllly lost coming home....Don't ask! Since we didn't get to bed until after 1am, Sunday morning started off a little late. It took a lot for me to get my motivation for the gym, but I got it and man oh man my glutes are screaming at me today! 
We ended our weekend with a Sunday night date at the movies. We saw Snow White and The Huntsman. I liked it a lot and thought Kristen Stewart was really great in it! I'm not a huge fan of hers in The Twilight Movies but she did an amazing job as Snow White.

Its a rainy Monday so I started the day off with a quick back workout and am ending it tonight with a Barre class! Olivia and I are watching movies, reading, napping and baking since there's not too much to do in this weather! I am actually enjoying this lazy Monday a lot! 
Do you enjoy running in the rain? 

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