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Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting back on track

Since the competition in April I have been pretty lenient with my diet and workouts. I was doing this thing called LIVING! :) I may have gone a little overboard at times, but I don't regret the time I spent not weighing food and skipping a workout. It's all about getting back on track. I've set a new, ambitious goal, and I am ready to tackle it head on! Fitness America World Championships in......VEGAS! 20 weeks away, and I am ready to bring myself back to the stage. I thought when I first did the competition at Foxwoods, it would be a one time thing. After experiencing it though, I cant even describe the joy it brought to me that day! The journey leading up to it was hard, draining, but amazing! I am so grateful for the experience I had backstage with all the girls, and lasting friendships I made! I am more than ready to start the journey again!! I'm hoping to be consistent with the blog through my training and progress! 
I am doing one thing a little different this time. When the competition ended and I had my post show treats, I just couldn't get my body to stop craving sugar and chocolate and other processed junk food. I emailed Cathy Savage who told me to give Isagenix a try. She said most people experienced reduced cravings, increased energy, and leaner muscle mass. I was hesitant to try it but after some research I thought I'd give it a shot and ordered the Athletes pack! I am currently halfway through the 9 day deep cleanse. My goal with the cleanse was actually to stop depending on coffee for energy. I was spending close to $10 a day on my three Starbucks coffees! I have not had a coffee since Wednesday and my energy level has drastically increased. My day does not revolve around when my next cup of coffee will be! As far as my cravings, I am able to mix up a chocolate shake and throw in a little ice, truvia, peanut butter, banana, or anything else I am craving at that time and it tastes like I am eating an ice cream!! I love the convenience of the shakes, about 20 seconds to make, 23g of organic protein, and a complete meal for less than one of my coffees would cost. All that for 240 calories! Yes, I am please with my Isagenix purchase. So, the only difference in this competition prep from last is the addition of Isagenix products. I will continue to eat "clean"  lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and starch! I am excited to see the difference in my body, hair, skin, and overall energy levels from my last competition prep to this. 
I am so happy you are following along on the journey! 

p.s. I Did not forget about the September 29 show in Boston. If my body is ready at that time I still plan on participating in that event! It sounds like a great beginner show that would really help prep me for Vegas! :)

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