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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Special Visit!

How is it already Wednesday? The month of June is flying by! I have been meaning to blog but life has been getting in the way, and I've been trying to just live it and not stress about it!
Anyways, lets see! We have some very special visitors staying with us for the week. Adams brother Jake who is active duty in the Marine Corps, his wife Rachel, and their adorable son Austin are here for a week visit while on leave! My nephew Austin is 2 and we love being able to spend time with them! Olivia is over the moon with excitement to have a 24/7 playmate around!
Olivia started dance class at Nancy Chippendale's Dance Studio in North Andover. Unfortunately I had a doctors appointment at the same time as her class to I had to miss her very first dance class! Adam got the pleasure of accompanying his little girl to her first class, and his text to me was "You are going to love watching peanut dance, it was so stinkin cute I could cry!" I am so excited she loved it and can not wait to watch her myself next week!
Tonight Olivia and I are off to Kruegers for a much needed dinner date with my friend Shawna. I am so excited to catch up with her since it has been far too long since I last saw her!
Let's backtrack a little to the weekend! It was beautiful out on Saturday so I woke up bright and early and headed to Newburyport with Olivia, my sister, my nephew Jacob, and our friend Brianne.  First stop was of course for coffee at Plum Island Coffee Roasters. I tried the vanilla and coconut Iced Coffee flavor which was amazing!! We took a walk over to the playground so the kids could play for a bit before strolling back to the car to head home. It was a beautiful morning! We spent Saturday afternoon at my in laws house where they enjoyed the surprise visit from Jake, Rachel, and Austin. We had grilled chicken, fresh fruit, burgers, sausages, and a beautiful mixed greens salad. I left for a bit to meet up with my sister for a jog around the neighborhood, then ran back to my in laws to meet backup with Olivia and Adam. When Liv had had enough I headed home with her to get her to bed and I spent the rest of the night reading 50 Shades Darker. I am almost done with the second book!
Tonight is the last night Adams brother and his family will be here. The boys are out fishing now and hopefully enjoying their time together! 
I found a new addiction last week that is too good not to share. Although I am warning you, its not really a healthy snack, and really hard to keep your hand out of the jar. This Emerald Almond snack mix is life changing. I mean seriously, it doesn't get much better than this. Sweet, salty, peanut butter heaven!! Don't say I didn't  warn you when you cant put then down! 

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  1. Love your photos! Your little girl and nephew are just precious! I'm reading the second Fifty Shades right now, too! And the snack mix sounds fantastic I might need to find myself some!