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Monday, August 1, 2011

Gym Yoga

My body was craving Yoga in a bad way today after my 8 mile run yesterday....YES I finally hit the 8 mile mark on my Sunday long run! I must say I'm pretty proud and impressed with myself. Its one of the reasons I love running so much, I can see my progress through my distances and speeds!
This morning I took a Yoga class at the gym, it was pretty impressive for a gym class since normally they don't even compare to a Yoga studio class. It gave my body the deep stretch I was looking for and I feel more than ready for my 5-6 mile run tomorrow. All this running has been leaving my feet craving for pedicures so I've also been trying to keep up with getting them every 2 weeks or so. Nothing like a nice relaxing foot massage to make me want to run more miles!
Its 8:50 and I'm off to lay in bed and read the book RUN for some motivation for a 5:15 wake up call tomorrow!

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