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Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 miles!!

I officially ran my longest route yet! 7.35 miles around the city! I still have about two months left to train for the half marathon so I am feeling very confident! I recently picked up the book Run be Dean Karnazes who is an inspiring ultra marathoner. I read a chapter or two the night before my morning run and get some serious motivation! I have really started to get serious with my training and make running and yoga my most important workouts leading up to the Marathon. I am not crossing weight training off my list, that will most certainly still be done but my main focus will be making sure to get those runs in and yoga to stretch out my sore tired muscles! After my run today I snacked on a chocolate rice cake with peanut butter and strawberries! Yum!
A week after the half marathon I am going to be doing this .....Tufts 10k for woman. I am really excited about this race and running around my beautiful city of Boston! 6.2 miles will be a nice fun race after the half marathon the week before!
I'm off to enjoy my Poppy seed strawberry and grilled chicken salad from Panera Bread. My all time favorite summer salad!!

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