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Monday, February 27, 2012

8 weeks until showtime!

I am officially signed up for the Fitness Universe Foxwoods show! I am registered to compete in the bikini and figure divisions! Ohhh myyyy gawwwwd is about all I can say right now! I can't believe I am really doing this. Suits are ordered, theme wear is being designed, and shoes are bought! The countdown is on...8 weeks baby! I am really hoping to blog my way through the time right up to the competition....partly to document this experience for myself and partly to keep my hands and mind busy for a little while so I'm not thinking about food! haha just kidding about this second part....kind of. So right now my starches and fruits have been cut back a little bit. I still get them, but just in smaller amounts! I'm feeling good and still satisfied so far. 
My biggest hurdle to overcome is my confidence and posing. I know that anyone can get a killer body but its that stage presence that will truly make you shine! I have been attending Sunday Savage Sessions every week! I get to train with Cathy, my amazing coach Jules, and an inspiring group of Savage girls! My walk and posing are getting there, I have a ways to go, but will be practicing consistently over the next 8 weeks. 
There are so many times during this journey I have questioned myself. Why I want to do this? Will I be ready? Who will support me? Is it worth giving up the yummy foods? It's funny because when I relax and go back and think about those questions I can easily answer all of them! This is what I want, I have set a goal and I will achieve it. It doesn't matter what people think, it matters what I think. 
I still get two cheat meals per week which is an amazing motivator. It keeps me on track 100% for all my other meals knowing that I can have two meals of whatever my body is craving.  Heres a photo of my recent cheat meal. Crunchy peanut butter french toast. I will leave you all with this picture. Holy cow, it was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten.  Alright, I guess I can leave you with a recipe as well....Although I don't know if I recommend keeping this handy! It was so hard not to make numerous servings of this! I found this on Pinterest! I did switch the bread for whole grain, the milk for almond milk, and threw the banana slices on top. Enjoy! 
I also still get one rest day every week which is a great day to mentally and physically gather myself. 
I have been trying be sure to make time for yoga at least once a week. My body craves that deep stretch. Speaking of cravings, I am completely obsessed with Salmon! I can't seem to get enough of it. So delicious! I just bake it in the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes with some pepper and it is perfect! Paired with asparagus is my ultimate dinner. I never thought in a million years I would crave things like vegetables and fish! 
I am off to shower...yes its 3:30 in the afternoon....and then cookup some chicken stir fry for dinner. For those that are still following along on my blog thanks for the support! Countdown to get on stage is on.
Oh and I suppose I will start tracking my weekly pictures on here....so here I am 8 weeks out from show! 
8 weeks out

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