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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Run Baby Run!

On the schedule today was 40 minutes of cardio! A Quick easy workout was on the agenda. I decided the night before I would use today to get a run in, since I really miss all the running I had gotten used to during my training for the half marathon. The weather called for rain all day, so I knew I either was going to be running in the rain or had to get up before it started. I set the alarm for 6 am.....woke up to pitch black, rolled back over since it of course wouldn't be safe to run in the dark, and went back to bed. Then my 2 year old alarm clock named Olivia woke me up at 7:15, but when she crawled into bed with us I decided again to roll over and go back to bed. It was perfect sleeping in, cuddle weather. Finally at 8 Olivia had enough and forced me to get up. When I looked out the window I saw it still hadn't started to rain so I laced up my sneakers and off I went for my run! It was perfect....my legs were a little stiff from the workout I had the day before but they quickly loosened up and my run felt effortless and calming. The weather was absolutely perfect for a run, cold and cloudy! 
When I got home I made a quick run to Starbucks for my coffee before Adam headed out to get his workout in. There's something about drinking coffee and eating oatmeal and eggs in a quiet place before the craziness of my day starts that makes me feel like I can handle anything. Adam always lets me have my breakfast in peace by entertaining Liv and I am so grateful for that! 
It rained today, all day, and I had two kids stuck inside. I spent most the day wrapped in a snuggie since it was so cold. The kids spent a lot of the day having a dance party in Olivia's room, coloring,painting, and a little bit of TV time. It's hard work entertaining kids stuck inside all day!
It's 9pm and Im sipping on some green tea to curb the sweet cravings I am having. I will in bed very shortly for a 4:30 alarm clock that is set for tomorrow! Chest, shoulder and tri is on the workout plan for tomorrow! 
Goodnight xox

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