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Saturday, September 3, 2011

New month, Birthday, and one week down of Cathy Savage Fitness!

Happy September!! Wow, so much to post about! It's September and to me its officially fall! My favorite season full of amazing scents, crisp weather, sweaters and boots! I am more than done with summer and ready to enjoy the cooler temperatures. Right now I have my cinnamon sugar candle burning and my whole house smells amazing! I made a trip to tjmaxx today after my friend Brooke posted about all the new fall candle scents. I scored two Yankee Candles for 7.99 each, and a new adorable sign to place over the doorway! Two thumbs up for some great finds today! 
Yesterday was my birthday...the big 26. I am actually not enjoying the fact that I am no longer in my "early" twenties but at the same time am also proud of where I am in my life at the age of 26. Its funny, as a little girl I imagined getting married, owning a own, and having children. It was just what I thought you were supposed to do. Well, when I by chance met the love of my life at 17, I never realized how lucky I really was. I mean I never had to date, and look for that special someone, things kind of fell right into place for me. Don't get me wrong, we had hard times and have been through so much together. A long distance relationship, a deployment,  a wedding, buying a home, and the birth of our daughter. We stuck by each others sides and the way I pictured my life as a young girl is pretty much all happening. 
My birthday was spent at York Zoo with miss olivia, my parents, my sister, and nephew Jacob. Poor Adam had to work all day but a Saturday morning(the day after my birthday) date breakfast was planned! The zoo was so much fun and everyone had a great time! We stopped for lunch a little restaurant called Guac n Roll. If you are ever in York ME I highly suggest trying it out! It was fresh, friendly, clean, and a great atmosphere! We were able to sit outside and get some of the ocean breeze during lunch, and since we had the kiddies with us it was perfect! I ordered the Cooooool salad with grilled chicken. Perfectly diet friendly and so yummy! After York I headed home to get ready for my night out with the girls! We headed downtown to the Tap Brew Pub in Haverhill to sit out on the deck since it was a beautiful....(a bit chilly) night! I ordered the strawberry spinach salad and a glass of wine. We went out for scorpion bowls later but I only had a couple sips since I haven't drank in forever! I am allowed two cheat meals a week, so I decided to try to keep my meal as clean as I could and order a drink. I knew I was going to breakfast with Adam in the morning for my second cheat. Dinner was full of laughs, and fun relaxing time to unwind child free! 
This morning Olivia woke me and Adam up at 7 so we could get to breakfast nice and early(sense any sarcasm??)Thanks for letting Mommy sleep in for her birthday Olivia! We went to our favorite place in the whole world....Newburyport, MA! We tried Stellas for breakfast which was a cute quaint little breakfast place. It wasn't quite what I was expecting and we probably wont rush back, but it was really good! I ordered a chocolate chip and banana pancake! I have been craving this all week and my craving was completely satisfied with their one huge pancake that I shared with Olivia and even let Adam try a bite! 26 is off to a great start! 
I have also completed my first week on my new plan with Cathy Savage Fitness! I feel fantastic, sore, but fantastic. The clean eating is very rewarding and I feel my energy level has gone way up. I'm excited to take my progress pictures and weight tomorrow. I'm hoping to blog a lot more in September! I'm off to enjoy some time on the couch now that Adam is finally home from work!
Goodnight all! Enjoy your Saturday! 

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